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Sea Turtle Campaign is Hijacking DNS and Harvesting Credentials in UAE
Published 5/15/2019 in blog-global
Sea Turtle Campaign is Hijacking DNS and Harvesting Credentials in UAE A new cyber threat campaign has been discovered by Cisco Talos which goes by the name Sea Turtle. This cyber threat is not only targeting public and private entities but also… Continue reading
List Of Things You Should Know About Reseller Hosting
Published 12/16/2020 in blog-global
The reseller web hosting is the option that involves one company renting the hard drive space and the bandwidth to the other company who will then rent the space to the third party. To make it simple, the reseller hosting is the ability to offer the… Continue reading
Why Web Hosting Support is a Key Factor in Choosing a Service Provider
Published 2/20/2021 in blog-global
No matter if you run a website or manage on your own, it is very important to choose reliable and experienced web support services. Choosing reliable and the most experienced web support services is a smart step that can help in achieving your… Continue reading